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 Karen D'Allaird
Oil Painter & Instructor


Karen D’Allaird has been a visual artist for over 30 years. Both commercially and classically trained, she continues to find inspiration from the rural beauty of her native Chester County, Pennsylvania as well as her adopted home of Carmel, California. As a contemporary realist, D’Allaird’s work threads the needle between classical realism and a lively expression of a painterly vision.  Her signature style of work utilizes light and color to capture the movement, beauty, and mood of a subject. 


 Karen D’Allaird’s work has been a natural progression realizing the value of creativity and individuality in art as well as the important discipline of learning technique.  Her work has been sold to private collectors, businesses and hospitals throughout the country. 

Karen's art instruction has a fun and pragmatic approach. After 10 years of instructing students of all ages and skill levels, she has effectively consolidated lessons from classical training along with tricks and knowledge gathered along the way.

Whether it's ongoing instruction, a workshop or just a day in the studio, she can help you elevate your work.  

Karen sells directly to the public & collaborates with designers and collectors nationwide.

Member of the Oil Painters of America among many other associations.


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